Kitchen and restaurant blueprint

The kitchen blueprint is a detailed plan that outlines the layout and design of a kitchen space. It includes the arrangement of appliances, workstations, storage areas, and other essential elements necessary for efficient food preparation and cooking.

The blueprint takes into account factors such as functionality, workflow, safety regulations, and ergonomic considerations to create a well-organized and practical kitchen environment.

A restaurant blueprint is a comprehensive architectural plan that illustrates the layout and design of a dining establishment.

It encompasses various aspects, including the arrangement of dining areas, bar or lounge areas, kitchen, restrooms, and other necessary spaces.

The blueprint considers factors such as seating capacity, traffic flow, accessibility, ambiance, and aesthetic appeal to create an inviting and functional environment for patrons.
It serves as a guide for construction and helps ensure that the restaurant is designed to meet the specific needs and vision of the owners.


Crafting kitchens one detail at a Time

We provide commercial kitchen design services to meet your culinary production needs in detail and follow a very detailed and well-structured production line



We understand the critical importance of maintaining a clean and hygienic kitchen environment to ensure food safety, regulatory compliance, and customer satisfaction.

Our highly trained and experienced team utilizes state-of-the-art equipment, industry-approved cleaning agents, and efficient techniques to deliver exceptional results. From degreasing and sanitizing surfaces to deep cleaning appliances, exhaust systems, and ventilation ducts, we leave no corner untouched.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond cleanliness, as we also focus on minimizing downtime and disruptions to your kitchen operations.


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The best spare parts, the best service

  • We have a very good network area in every big city and reach almost all the archipelago so as to provide easy access to serve all our customers throughout the archipelago.

  • Whenever and wherever, 24/7 on standby Our team is very welcoming and respectful in dealing with various constraints on needsand hospitality needs to customers and our potential customers.

  • We are engaged in the procurement of spare parts for service kitchen equipment and cooling systems,
    service contracts, refurbish. Professional technicians have certificates that are trusted and experienced so they are
    ready to provide the best service quickly and with quality results


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