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PT. Guataka Makmur Horecaba Indonesia

Commercial Kitchen equipment

Companies that provide the needs of commercial kitchen equipment. We always provide horecaba products that support the needs of small, medium to professional kitchens

Why GTK?

GTK provides services in the form of consultation and realization to create an effective and efficient kitchen work flow and provides additional services in the form of custom products to meet the needs of commercial kitchens.

We provide innovative and proven food technology services to help you, from food processing to packaging. Through a well-monitored processing process, it will maintain nutrition and food quality. Then with innovative packaging solutions that will increase the attractiveness of buyers and protect products during the distribution process. We realize the importance of maintaining food quality and safety as well as efficiency in production.

Professional equipment in food technology processes can optimize the efficiency of food processing. With professional equipment, food processing can be done more quickly and effectively, so that later it will produce products that are consistent and meet food safety standards.

Besides that, if you use professional equipment, it can also help optimize energy use, save time, minimize the risk of bacterial contamination


Provide Commercial Kitchen Concepts and Designs in detail and systematically to increase productivity in the culinary industry


  • Providing effective and efficient Horecaba Equipment and Supplies in accordance with professional scale industry standards
  • Providing services and training in the production process in the field of culinary and entrepreneurship
  • After-sales service 24 hours/7 days